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I believe there are many socio-cultural differences that will create difficulty for Walt Disney in opening parks overseas. There are many aspects to consider such as currency, language, culture, religion and the environment to name a few. Walt Disney would have to manipulate all of these elements in order to be successful. For example, food plays a major role in the culture of a society. (Nickels &William, 2009) “In France, the people may prefer to drink wine instead of coke”. The type of menu Disney offers would have to be modified in order to satisfy the customer of that particular country. The same applies to the currency. Exporting goods from the United States to Walt Disney in another country might be reconsidered due to the exchange rate. These are a couple of the differences that would make it tricky, but not impossible.
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Ethically, I do believe U.S. employees who are relocated overseas should receive a different wage from the local employees. The keyword is relocate. If the employee is relocating, I feel their rate should be sustained and possibly heightened. There are many changes an employee has to make in order to move to another country. Although, the cost of living in a certain country might be lower than that of the United States, the employee should be compensated for such a sacrifice. Adjusting to another country’s culture is a major task in itself. The employee should not lose wage due to relocation.

I believe it is a good idea to open American fast food restaurants in Disney parks overseas. Walt Disney is an “American” theme park and should be able to offer other countries the same aspects, such as food. Offering fast food allows people from different countries to have the full “American” experience. The menu of the fast food restaurants should not only have what Americans eat, but it should also contain a variety of food from the country in which it is located. More options will allow Walt Disney to satisfy the customer who wants the McDonald’s big mac and still please those who want to take a traditional approach. ,
No, I would not considering purchasing a paper from a website and submitting it as my own. It is completely unethical and not in my character to make such a decision. Attending college is a commitment and demonstrates your ability to learn. If you are simply purchasing your work online, I believe it will only hinder your progress in the future. Plagiarizing your assignments might seem like a good idea at the time, but is not beneficial to you in the long run.