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Budlight’s Advertisements
The Message: Budlight has changed their message over the past two years. It began in 2014 as a campaign called “Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens.” The message of this particular campaign was to show that Budlight’s product was the best product for anything that might happen to you. It would have small little messages that would say phrases like "perfect beer for when you're eating breakfast meats outside of breakfast hours.” It would give incentive for consumers to buy this product for creative uses. Budlight’s new ad campaign focuses on linking Budlight to events that happen. It is the “perfect beer for….” The slogans aim to highlight how Budlight makes the event in the slogan much better, such as eating breakfast meats.
Copy Elements: Budlight went for quick and easy slogans on each of their bottles that would be randomly dispersed. It works similar to Coke-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign which would have names distributed on the bottles randomly so that you could find a name that you knew or your own. These messages that Budlight use are short sentences that give context that the product is used for partying and having a good time. Along with the slogans that will appear, Budlight aims to keep its brand logo the same with its bold white color inside the blue circle that will capture the consumer’s attention. The most significant in the copy elements that stands out is the randomness. Budlight aims to make sure there are many different slogans that will appear on the bottle to give significance to many events to make Budlight feel like it’s the beer for the occasion. They even intend to cater it to significant events, like the slogan will change to something along the “perfect beer for going backstage” at a concert. This creates an identity that will link Budlight to many events