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Promotional Action Plan
Shoes by Langley Boutique
Marketing Plan

Project: Shoes by Langley Boutique | Action Item #1: TV Commercial | Action Item | 2 minute television ads that will play twice in the morning, afternoon, and the evening time slots. It will broadcast on WTOC and WSAV @ $300 per station. | Description | This ad will display all styles and designer shoes. There will be an overview shot that scans the entire boutique, and a few customers trying on shoes while others are being assisted by actual employees. Also, streaming the store’s name at the bottom of the screen throughout the whole commercial with our address and phone numbers. It will have commentation explaining the wide variety of shoes and shoe accessories available. | Objective | An increase in sales from a vast variety of both men and women. Ultimately, the goal is to grow the business gaining the ability to expand the store’s marketed audience to children shoes; and maybe even handbags/jewelry. | Target Market | Female and males that have an eye for upscale fashion on their feet. Including weddings, prom, special events, or just in need of a nice pair of Steve Madden pumps/Cole Haan loafers. | Budget | The budget price allotted for this item was nothing more that $500 per advertisement. | Metric | For the two ads running simultaneously on each broadcasting station, the goal is to gain at least 10 new customers a week to the store and gross a bare minimum of $2500 dollars a month from the new customers only that saw our ads running on television. |

Project: Shoes by Langley Boutique | Action Item #2: Radio Commercial | Action Item | 4 minute advertisement on all Clear Channel radio stations throughout rest of December and January @ a cost of $150 for 2 channels to play it. | Description | With thousands of listeners of different ethnicities and ages, panning from Savannah to Dublin to Pooler to Brunswick and so on. The entire Southeast and Coastal Empire population. | Objective | Attracting not just a specific age range or occasion, but allowing for all walks of life to experience an evolutionary and exsquisite extravaganza on your feet. | Target Market | Non local customers, which provides a better networking market for the business to continue growing and one day opening up new locations. | Budget | The budget price allotted for this item was $350 total. | Metric | For the 4 minute radio advertisements playing throughout the Coastal Empirer and Southeastern regions, the goal is to alert visitors to the Savannah area to experience a “new shoe attitude” at Shoes by Langley Boutique. |

Project: Shoes by Langley Boutique | Action Item #3: Newspaper Ads | Action Item | ½ page advertisement in the Savannah Morning News and The Herald newspapers for one week each. The Savannah Morning News @ a cost of $100 a day for five days and The Herald @ $70 a day for five days. | Description | The ad will have a picture of the inside of the boutique with two shoes displayed on each side of the center shot. Also, the name of the store, “Shoes by Langley Boutique,” along the top of the picture; with the address, phone number, and e-mail address (along with the “Ask for Ann – owner” tag next to it, at the bottom of the ad. | Objective | With thousands of news paper reader over the Savannah area that enjoy being informed about new and exciting businesses arriving in the city. This can intrigue the older generation more than any other age range. | Target Market | For those individuals that are not yet technologically inclined and are dedicated to reading the paper every day -- for coupons, deals, general information – this type of advertisement is for that audience. | Budget | The budget price allotted for this item was $1200 total. | Metric | For the 2 newspaper ads, the goal is to reach the older and less technological people that don’t usually watch television and aren’t able to drive. This expand my