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Action Step 1:
1. My phone tablet is used as my calendar
2. There is an appointment app I downloaded for my phone to stay organized
3. Health, Family, School, Work, Internships, Network meetings and Mixers
5. Fashion services, styling, boutiques, designing
• Tummy tuck (failure) personal experience
• Plus size clothing boutiques (success)
• New phone features (successful)
• Hand me down stores: Plato’s closet, Rag-O-Rama (success)

7. Team members:
• Wardrobe stylist
• Make-up artist
• Designers
• Web designer
• Finance accountant
• Trend Follower
9. Websites
• WSGN (
• Fashion Mingle. Net (
• FashionServiceNetwork (
10. Helpful Experts
• Deborah Johnson (business owner)
• Jackie Patterson (lawyer)
• Renee Rockwell (lawyer)
• Angie Smith (business owner)
• Mike Sedonic (business owner, banker)

11. Potential Customers
• Teens
• Designers
• Shop Owners
• Stylist
• Make- up artist

12. Personal Contacts
• Bj Arnett (business owner)
• Deborah Johnson ( business owner) 917-359-4960
I have a few more just need to get full names and numbers.

Action Step 2:
Why do I want to become an Entrepreneur?
1. I am ok with my current job but I would be more content if it was something I liked to do as in fashion instead of bartending but I have to go where the money is at for the time being because I am in school trying to make a living for myself.
2. I want to be a business owner or entrepreneur because I think it’s good working for yourself and making my own money on my own time. Although in corporate world there are benefits you work long hours and days trying to push to get that raise or promotion. And you also work for years giving all your time to the “MAN”.
3. Overtime my thoughts on what I want to do have varied. I think what best suits me is going to start the fashion service website and shop because it’s something a little different and not many people offer or have this sort of establishment. I want to create a craigslist of fashion and beauty basically and make it really work.
4. Being a business owner is a lot of work and sometimes can be stressful and time consuming and it takes a lot of money sometimes to build. Unless you can pull strings and get people to invest in you. Have to have a good business plan.

Action Step 3:
I think in order to truly start my business I would need about 10,000 grand to start up. I need a website and a team to back me up and plenty of promotion for the website and its cause to people. I have to get others to see my idea and that it’s a source that is good and reasonable to receive service from.
1. Yes I have lived on less before and I will and can do it again if need be in order to make my business work out well. Maybe a few dollars less.
2. I would cut out certain things like shopping and going out to eat and to certain places I don’t need to unless its to gain exposure for my business and to set up outlets and meetings.
3. I believe I can go awhile if I push myself to my goal of having my own business that is working. Because in the end I will have way more money and I will be happy that I struggled to make it to the place where I can finally do good and that I did it myself.
4. I live alone and I am single so I can push forward and do the things I need to do in order to make it to where I need to be. I can put up a lot of assets as long as I know in the future I will make it back with interest, it’s all about peace of mind.
5. My family will back me up with whatever I decide to do as long as it’s not to outrageous that they and I know it won’t work.
6. Set up a meeting with a financial counselor soon.
Action Step 4:
1. I have good work ethic, computer savvy skills, outgoing, and well-traveled, easy learner. I am ambitious and when I really have a great love for something I push hard at it to