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Unit: 201 Manage own performance in a business environment
1.1 : There are many guidelines and procedures in place to assist me with my job in both a professional and assertive manner and also to perform to the best of my ability at all times when dealing with many situations and day to day tasks that you may face with members of staff and customers/patients. When manning a reception desk and working in the main appointments office in Royal Cornwall hospital it is important that certain procedures are followed for example your mannerism when receiving and making phone calls, ensuring you introduce yourself and address the individual correctly. When greeting any visitor ensuring you smile and make them feel comfortable in your presence and answer any questions or worries the patient may have. When booking patients in for appointments ensure it is in the correct time slot so thatmembers of staff and patients do not become stressed or irrate. 'Treat people how you'd like to be treated.' Communication is key,(keep patients updated on waiting times and colleagues updated if patients are running late). Assist, assist patients when necassary. Deal with incoming and outcoming mail correctly, ensure you are aware of dates. Many more are in place deligated especially for patients. There is a protocol kept with the management team and also a poster located with points deligated to patients to the left of the reception desk. (Please see attached).
1.2 Planning is a key thing to help reduce stress on a day to day, weekly and monthly basis. Planning is essential and efficient when wanting to be organised when there are