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Dear Friend,

According to me ,at the time of recession in software sector,its a very good choice.
You can choose MA as well as MBA,because the both courses in their position.

According to me,go for the postgraduate branch in which you have much more interest in.
I will prefer MBA,as there are so many option in MBA degree.As an economist you can join in both private as well as govt undertakings sectors.

Beside this you also can go with good communication skills and analytical mind, one could find employment in consulting firms.

There are many specialization in MBA like
3:Marketing ,
4:Accounting ,
5:Managerial Finance,
6:International Economics & Finance,
7: Master of Financial Economics,
8: Master of Quantitative Finance,
9: Master of Economics,
10:International Economics & Finance etc...

After one of those courses you will be able to join as below:
1:Financial Managers or Financial Analysts
2:Corporate Controllers,
3:Accounting Managers,
4:Chief Financial Officers,
5:Treasurers and Finance Officers,
6:Chief Financial Officers,
7:Management Consultants,
8:Cash Managers,
9:Investment Banking Associates,
10:Management Consultants,
11:Investment Sales Associates and Traders,
12:Credit Managers and Specialist etc....

Choose this whatever you want.

There are so many institution all IIPMs,Bangalore Management Academy etc...
Good luck.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) is a master's degree in business administration, which attracts…