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Develop an advertising strategy and brief

Name : sanghwa kim
Lecture : Nathen
Class : business

Q. 1 Give two examples each of the following:

A. Behavioral characters
Example –
1. Benefit desired- such as quality comes in this criteria some people look just quality such as Mayer products.
2. Loyalty rate- some people like to buy just their particular brand such as tommy highlighter. Doesn’t care that is expensive or cheap. They use the product longer and get benefit in product.
B. psychographic characteristics:
Example – 1. Social class- advertisement also mention the class of society whether people are middle class lower class or upper class

2. Lifestyle- some people has very high or some has low life style advertisement also mention the lifestyle of people. Some people can`t afford the product and some can.
C. geographic characteristics:
Example – 1. Urban/rural- according the area it is very necessary to advertise product. No one will use an air condition where the electric power is not avail able.

2. City size- the city size has also importance in advertising such as an advertisement of fast and quick public transport. This is just useful in big cities not in small city or towns.

Q. 2 what is the difference is between fighting and pulsing advertising strategies? Flighting | Pulsing | In pulsing advertising the advertisement runs a small period and stops. Then organization checks the results. If results in positive direction or in benefit. Then the company dose more advertisement so it’s run as pulse in zigzag motion. | In Flighting advertising the advertisement runs continue without stopping or checking results of company sale. It runs for particular time and after a particular time the advertisement gets stop | People might forget their scheme | They are repeated every now and then |

This is the main difference between Flighting and pulsing advertising strategy.

Q.3 discusses why any advertise would elect voluntarily abide by ethical standard in advertising. Justify your response with example you have found and credit any research resources?
Regulation – * Australian associations of national advertisers * Australian advertising standards bureau * Australian direct marketing association * Australian marketing institute * Advertiser code of ethics * FCAI voluntary code of practice for motor vehicle advertising * Advertising code for advertising and marketing communications to children * AFGC responsible children`s marketing initiative of the Australian food and beverage industry * Alcohol beverage advertising code * Environmental claims in advertising and marketing code * Anti- spam legislation
Ethical standard-
Advertisers have a legal responsibility not to mislead or miss presents their product to potential customers for fear of legal penalty. Advertisers also have a code of ethic to abide by commonwealth law of nation or state territory. According commonwealth law this is against of advertising ethic. It is wrong to advertise any product which affects any ethics of community. To promote any product or service we can`t use any person or community as a negative role or wrong example
Social reason: the advertiser must look the social reason such as religion or culture of that area`s people. It can make conflict between people or company; such as the advertisement of the material for adult sexual activities should be advertise in the shops or out of children reach. The advertiser should consider about age group to advertise the product.
Fear of penalty: * Advertiser may be fined by government to advertise wrong or by against. * The conflict between company and people so company may be closed forever * The advertising company reputation may be harmed
Any advertiser may have to follow the policy, procedure and guidelines of the government or commonwealth law of that