Business Aims And Objectives

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BTEC National in Business
Unit 1: The Business Environment 10 credits

Issue date: 4th July 2014 Due date: September 2014

The course will be looking at different businesses their aims and objectives and purpose. We will look at how companies organise themselves and how they are divided into functional areas.

Task 1

Research these companies by visiting their web sites – not wiki!

Innocent Smoothies
Merlin Entertainment

Answer the following questions for each of these 3 companies:

Which year were they founded?

Who founded them?

What is their culture? What values do they share?

What is their purpose? (more than one sentence please)

Task 2

Write no less than 500 words on each of these companies

describe how you see the company, what you like/dislike the company give your opinion about the way the company operates.

Task 3

Choose which company you would work for and why, have you the skill set to work for them? If so what skills would you take to the position if you applied and what particular type of job do you see yourself doing? (not Chairman yet)

Read carefully.
Do not under any circumstances cut and paste or copy information when you are describing their business. If you use quotes (short ones) ensure that you discuss why you have included them – how does the quote verify/justify what you are trying to describe?.

Bring to your first lesson printed off,