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The operation plays the significant role in the continuous diversification of Amazon’s business, and also was important of the enterprise’s value chain. There are three main parts which are warehouse, packaging and technology development. Based on the online business, the location of the warehouse by Amazon was vitally that want to easy control the logistical, therefore, they choose location was near airport as their operation strategy.

Then, Amazon launched ‘Frustration-Free Packaging’ in 2008, and also encourages the suppliers to spread it. The main purposes are sustainability development of environment development, more convenient for consumer take products from package, save the cost of packaging cost and increase the efficiently of the packaging process.

Furthermore, Amazon got a huge diversified business development by technology innovation between 2007 and 2009. Amazon kindle was famous for consumer which developed by Amazon’s technology investment in 2007, and launched Kindle 2 in 2009. The kindle was representative within the wireless electronic reading device which is innovative and convenient. The higher technological innovation of the Amazon Web Services also was the famous work of Amazon that applied Cloud service. Amazon also launched DRM-free MP3 digital store as their new strategic to consumer in 2007 and then did some improvement till 2008, and it was became the world’s largest one in this period of time. In addition, Amazon was also aimed at