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Business Analysis - Part III
June 11, 2012

The previous weeks we have conducted a business analysis on Motorola Mobility (MMI) and examined if the company would be a good company to invest in as a mutual fund manager. A SWOT analysis has been completed to see what challenges and strengths the company has. We have also conducted a benchmarking survey to see how MMI competes with other company's, such as Apple and Nokia. I will conclude now our analysis by the economic trends influencing the business, along with strategies the company has or could use to adapt the changing markets. We will also examine the role human resources plays in helping the company achieves its goals and finally I will give my opinion on if MMI is a good company to invest in.
Economic Trends Although that past few years have been tough on the economy, there are signs of slow improvement and retail sales are beginning to increase. This could not be more true for the Smartphone market. Even when times were tough, Smartphone sales were steady or increasing. Companies like MMI, Apple, Samsung, HTC and others release new Smartphone at least once year. Also during this time the tablet market exploded with Apple's Ipad and Android tablet versions. This is proof that even through tough economic times, people still want their technology, including Smartphone.
Strategies in Changing Markets When Google purchased MMI, the acquisition stunned its competitors and made them worry would happen next. Would the company's that depend on Google's Android operating system be left in the dark and not have access to the system anymore? Would this merger mean trouble for Apple who is competing with the growing Android market. With these team mobile giants working together, it will help better align both company's in the competitive Smartphone market. MMI has been a leader in technology and Google is a leader in many areas, including its Smartphone operating system. Google and MMI must stay on top of the changing market and be a leader in innovations and not wait to see what everyone else is doing. A major concern of MMI consumers is MMI's inability to the leader when it comes to new software or hardware. MMI was slow to release its first 4G phone and they have recently been slow to update their phones to Android 4.0, the newest Android operating system for smart phones. This has upset a lot of customers since they want the latest updates as soon as possible. With Google now behind MMI, they should be able to push out updates much faster and be the leaders in offering new software. Between Google and MMI's many patents, they will be able to align both companies to become leaders in the industry and which will make other company's follow the trends that they set.
Tactics and Strategic Goals Google and MMI now have the ability to position themselves as leaders in the mobile market. Google will have the ability to use MMI phones and it's other products to help increase the Google name and the products they have to offer. Google can now integrate their product with MMI products including cable box's that come preinstalled with YouTube and Google+ or use a Google search engine to search for shows, movies and other information. Likewise, MMI can now use more Google products on their phones and have better integration between the two. Google must also ensure that Motorola phones receives software updates quickly when they are available. Receiving these updates later then other company's would upset customers and confuse them since MMI is part of Google. Ensuring that new MMI phones receive the newest software and hardware will help but the company in the lead and will make consumers flock to their products since they can not get their hands on new items fast enough. Google and MMI need to strategically plan to be the number one leader of Android based phones, a position that Samsung currently holds. With the two companies working