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First Semester 2013-14
ULMS - EBUS-601, – Business game report 1

15 October 2013

Supervisor: Dr. Jorge E. Hernandez


GROUP No.: 24

Project Manager (100 pts), Name: YI JIN
Becoming recognized as the No.1 sports trading company in UK is Beaver’s vision. Beaver’s norms and values are consisting of teamwork, customer satisfaction and improve the value of Beaver. Beaver is set apart from competitors by a large number of eminent points of variance. “Best quality leads you to a PRO.” is our current main activity and campaign as well. Consequently, high-end customers are essential to us.
In order to make rational target, SMART ANALYSE MATRIX showed below (Table 1) are incorporated to help us analysing our current status and make next round decision.

From the content above, we analyse statues perspectives ranging from financial, customers, Internal perspective, learn & growth, which is based on the Balance Scorecard results. We find that the achieved value of income growth (-1.51%) is below minimal value (1.00%) and becoming eye-catching to be improved. In this period, our main target is to enlarge our make share and decrease the inventory to liquify our current asset.
In the last period, inventory had been reduced and sales improved. However, the market share of all products had decreased slightly. In this period, we redefined our market strategy because of the more detail of our market and the society’s value (Fig. 1) showed us the market weight as well. With the help of the SMART Model, capabilities of us need to be better utilised for meeting the target.

Our mission and vision will continuously conduct us to win our position and in order the build our own brands, we have named our product as below:
“FIGHTING” football---------------- a fighting football team use it to win
“NEW STAR” driver’s helmet------giving a fish and safe feeling
“POWER” tennis racket-------------excellent quality
“BALLET “ice hockey stick---------- great flexibility and freedom
Hopefully, those individual names could correctly deliver our company’s profile and values to our segment customers.

In this period, we make some mistakes. As Table2 showed, the first mistake is that we didn’t understand the meaning of income growth. In the Pre-round analyse, we consider the quantity of customers and ignore the purchasing power per customer. It leads the income growth increased to 13.32%, which has exceeded the extreme of norm value .So in the next period, we will adjust the least acceptable and target value of Balance Scorecard. Secondly, we ignore the lead-time. While the price has been change, the different quality we booked in this period would be sold in next period because of the lead-time. So price/quality (55.13%) is lower than last period (57.38%).

As the figures above showed, the unsold inventory has decreased. For one thing, we can predict the next period sales more accurately by the basic data from the research and results. It helps to decrease the inventory and the money could be freed. For another thing, the market shares have increased from period 3 to period 4, which showed in fig.7.That means sales performance has improved and the inventory are decreased. Meanwhile, the inventory turnover has been improved. However, inventory decreased just slightly because we ignore the lead-time.

In the Pre-round,we analyzed the Society’s value, we have focused on the highest sector and ignored the rest which caused us lost some prospects, and that’s going to be reanalying in our next round.

Finance Manager (100 pts.), Name: Qiyan Guan
On our financing side, the main principle is “maximization the corporate’s value”. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to deeply analyze the financial condition of our company.
Our financial structure is