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Business and Communication

Methods and Technologies
18 March 2015
Megan Davison

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
1 Introduction 4
2 Method one- Email 5
2.1 What is this Method 5
2.2 How it is used 5
2.3 Why it is used 5
2.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of it 5
2.5 Supporting Technology 6
3 Method two- SMS 8
3.1 What is this Method 8
3.2 How it is used 8
3.3 Why it is used 8
3.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of it 8
3.5 Supporting Technology 9
4 Method three- Web 10
4.1 What is this Method 10
4.2 How it is used 10
4.3 Why it is used 10
4.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of it 10
4.5 Supporting Technology 11
5 Method four- TV 13
5.1 What is this Method 13
5.2 How it is used 13
5.3 Why it is used 13
5.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of it 13
5.5 Supporting Technology 14
6 Method five- Screen-Based 15
6.1 What is this Method 15
6.2 How it is used 15
6.3 Why it is used 15
6.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of it 15
6.5 Supporting Technology 16
7 Method Six- Podcasts 17
7.1 What is this Method 17
7.2 How it is used 17
7.3 Why it is used 17
7.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of it 17
7.5 Supporting Technology 18
Index 19
Bibliography 21

1 Introduction
This document is to help you gain knowledge about methods of communication that would benefit your business greatly. If the methods I am going to be discussing are used properly within your business it could help and create a successful and profitable business. I will be discussing 6 methods and evaluating them so to inform you on which would be the best idea for your specific business. I will be going in depth for all of the methods but I will be putting the information into terms that I hope you can learn from. The supporting technologies for the methods will allow you to understand not only why it should be used but also how it works, this will hopefully benefit you and the business.
I will be discussing about Email, SMS, the web, Television, Screen-based and podcasts. I will describe what they are and how and why a business would use them in order to gain a larger customer base and therefore gain more cash inflow and more profit for a business. The information I am giving you on each of them should enable you to understand what they all are and how you would use them to benefit your business.
2 Method one- Email
2.1 What is this Method
Emails are messages sent by one user to one or more recipients over a network. For business purposes they can contain vital information and also attachments of product images or videos. Once sent the message can get to the recipient within a matter of seconds which means information can be sent to colleagues abroad immediately and this would be very beneficial with tight deadlines. A mailbox can contain a huge number of emails and so old emails can still be viewed, this means information isn’t lost unless deleted. Email is very versatile as it can be used on any device that has internet connection, also on many phones now there is a specific app which allows the person to get emails immediately to their phone avoiding any login process.

2.2 How it is used
Businesses use email in order to keep in contact with employees who may be promoting elsewhere, they are able to send messages discussing any aspects and report back, on devices such as iPhones and IPads email is readily available and so they can be in contact throughout the whole time. Also keeping in contact with customers, when signing up to purchase items online many businesses ask for email addresses, this allows them to send emails promoting products and any sales. As they have bought from the business previously they must be interested in the products available and so targeting these people can benefit the businesses greatly. For your business you could use both of these ways, allowing your employees to have an email system which allows them to keep in contact with both you and each other, maintain a professional feel. But also on your