Business and Labor Union Essay

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Disaffected • Highly critical of both government and
I think that it is the government is for themselves and only try to better themselves.
I also view business as us against them . business will do anything to get the upper hand and grow there buissness. They really don’t care about the people its. Not many people in business and government are selfless most of them are selfish and make decisions to better themselves, not thinking about how it will affect some the people. Although there are some business and government leaders are that way, there are some good people.
I originally had these views but after talking to mr. Holcombe a former business owner, my views changed to some extent. He said,” Businesses aren’t against people at all “. He told that he
Established a labor union in tywan this highly unusual for a mnc multination corporation the reason he did it was to establish stability. He was sent to tywan to stamp out a counter fitting “ring” the counter fitting tried to assigned mr hol n wife but failed. After establishing the labor union his profit increased 350 percent the first yeat and 28 percent the second year he evened shared some of his year-end bonus stock with his management team everybody won including the rank and filed workers. With the right strategy everyone can win and did.
So my new views on businesses are that not all of them are selfish. They can do good like mr. Holcombe did. They just need the right morals and strategies.
• Sympathetic to the poor and supportive
I believe that the rich should help the poor not make them dependent but to assist the poor so they can succeed and lower the poverty rate. of social welfare programs
• Concerned about immigration
Im not as concerned with immigration because it doesn’t really affect