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As of today, restaurants face tough competition due to constant change in the tastes of people and due to the increasing number of eating outlets. However, not all of them start with a big capital and are usually small at the start but later on they expand if they keep up to the demand of the people. Similarly, P.F. Chang, started in the year 1993, in Arizona with a limited menu and much fewer dishes as compared to today ( Yet, there are many other factors to look at after we open, as increasing the number of items or changing the menu doesn’t make the restaurant successful. Therefore, the manager needs to look at the staff as they play a key role in serving and cooking the right meal. In Chang’s case, one of the staff being absent can make a big difference on the service, which can then spoil the reputation. Moreover, an effective management style needs to be used and every person working must be aware of his or her duties. Lastly, the environment in the restaurant plays a key role in whether consumers are going to visit second time in terms of how they are treated and how they feel.

This report will consist of desk research about the Chang’s business from its own website and other people opinion to get the background information. Moreover, other academic books for the theories will be also considered. The theory, which F.W. Taylor ( might use other theories if necessary). Moreover, concepts will be applied to this case study to show our judgment of their management styles. For example delegation, decentralization, span of control and team work. Towards the end of the report, advantages and disadvantages of their current method of management will be analyzed. Also my suggestions will be given regarding the correct method of management and how they can improve it further. Lastly, I will give them the cultural differences and analyze if it is worth opening such an eating outlet in the United Kingdom.

F.W. Taylor:
As organizations increase in size and the number of employees increase, it is important for the managers to keep control and be aware of what its employees are up to (depends on the business). As Taylor in his scientific management said that total responsibility on the shoulder of an employee can result in inefficiency, as workers will only work for themselves. As in this case study, Chang realized that workers are only working for themselves for wages and tips. Hence, they do not work to their full ability, which reduces output per worker. According to Taylor’s theory managers must be close to their employees and not allow them to choose their task and telling them what, how and when to do a certain task. However, the Vice-President of operations refuses to follow such a strict method but tries to be close to the staff by giving them more time and discussing their problems. Therefore, in the report I will analyze that to what extent the theory of Taylor is relevant to this case and the advantages and disadvantages for its use.

As, the employees at P.F. Chang are meant to be treated with respect to be motivated and be satisfied as compared to their competitors where the managers like to be centralized as they want to take the decision themselves. However, in the report it will be analyzed if the use of this method and being different from the rivals really makes the difference and decreases staff turn over.

Team work: In any organization it is important that they use the idea of specialization and division of labor. As workers need to be given a task what they are best at and are comfortable doing. Similarly I recommend this idea to Chang as if tasks are divided the work can become much faster and