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The main competitor for EA is Activation Blizzard who is currently one above them in revenue. EA have always been in close competition with Activision Blizzard but is said that Activision ‘has a much more promising lineup than competitors like EA’ (Seeking Alpha, 2012) which is a major cause for concern for Electronic Arts. Another competitor is Nintendo who are the top gaming company in the world. Companies like Ubisoft, Sony and Microsoft are also in the competitive range although lower than EA in revenue. (
Nintendo: Created in 1889, went in to video gaming industry in 1974.
EA and nintendos relationship ( (
Activasion Blizzard relation with EA (
Activision enters into social networking (
EA relationship with ubisoft (
Customer opinions on EA/Nintendo (
EA offers customer feedback forum on each games (

Maier, A. (2012). How Greed and Origin Killed EA’s Relationship with Wii U . Available: