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Executive Summary
Orexi Café is owned and operated by Justin Malik. It will be a multicultural café which will serve clients Greek and European foods. Orexi Cafe seeks to meet the needs of the varied and growing culture of the Earlwood area by being the first to offer authentic Greek foods. Food from this restaurant will be prepared primarily from fresh food products. This restaurant will seek to create a European atmosphere. International music and culture will be combined into the restaurant through photos and European style music.
The owner's previous experience in restaurant management has led to his desire of wanting to own and manage a restaurant. His work with Burger Boy Restaurant was so successful and profitable that he was introduced to the idea of owning his own restaurant. His goal is to own and operate a restaurant where he can utilize his professional skills and proven experience. Justin’s strengths include the ability to work long hours, use creative problem-solving skills, lead with a positive sense of direction, and give constructive criticism when necessary. His weakness is the tendency for impatience. In chase of his dream to become a successful entrepreneur, Justin is prepared to take a calculated risk. He has strong confidence in himself as a businessman and is determined to set clear, attainable, and challenging goals.
Orexi Cafe needs $15,000 to begin business. Plans are to borrow $10,000 from the bank and $5,000 of the owner's savings. The money will be used to buy and lease equipment, pay rent, pay employees and meet numerous other expenses. Planned schedule for repayment of this loan is in the amount of $1,000 per month including interest. The owner expects to repay the entire loan within two years of the loan date.
Description of the Business
Orexi Cafés prime function is to provide meals that will take the customer on a cooking adventure. It is unmistakable that natural food is more nutritious and healthy for the body, and Orexi Cafe plans to provide a healthy menu.
The cafés location is in the family orientated suburb of Earlwood. The restaurant's size of 1200 square feet will contain the cooking area with refrigerator and freezer, eating area, dining area, waiting area for takeout food, and bathroom.
Orexi Cafe will be a sole trader ownership so that it can be content with the limited startup capital. The most important legal aspect of the sole trader kind of ownership is its unlimited liability build. Personal assets of the business owner can be detained to settle claims against the business. The owner in this case takes over all the operation aspects of the business and makes decisions as he pleases.
There will be three full-time employees and the owner: a cashier, two cooks, and the owner/manager. To efficiently manage the inventory, there will be an independent buyer for the café.
Orexi Café has planned to provide meals that will take the customer on a culinary adventure. The café will prepare mostly fresh food products, using only a slight and unavoidable portion of frozen food products. The menu has been created by the finest Greek cook; he sincerely hopes that customers will enjoy the entrees. The marketing plan for this restaurant is designed to incorporate the customer as a share supporter in the success of this business. The goal and profitability of this restaurant will be achieved through the guarantee of customer satisfaction. Customer suggestions and evaluations will be considered.
New competitors pose a threat to related and existing businesses; however Orexi Café policies will constitute a strategy that will be leaning toward creating the highest quality image —fresh, and high quality food products, provided with outstanding service. Orexi Café will strive to contribute to the community through charities and employment of residents.
Marketing Analysis
The city of Sydney has a population of approximately 175,000. The planned business location for Orexi Café