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Sovisal Sen
Devika Vyas
GEN 199
20 October 2014
Projecting Forward From this project, I got the great opportunity to interview Shweta Narayan. I met Shweta through my parents. My parents does housekeeping for her and I sometimes tag along and get to know Shweta a little bit more. She owns a beautiful apartment in downtown Seattle, where I got to interview her at. Shweta has moved to Seattle six months ago to work for Amazon. Out of college, she has worked as a consultant for a small business. I thought that Shweta was the perfect fit for me to interview because I am interested in working with technology and do something that is business related.
Shweta attended the University of Chicago. During the interview, the first thing that she told me was that she loved college and she still has so many memorable memories with her. One of which was when she studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. It became her favorite city in the whole world. Going into college, Shweta thought that she wanted to become a professor at a university. However after shadowing a professor, she finds that being a teacher is not something that she is interested. She cannot see herself teach in her future. A connection that I can make between Shweta’s college experience and mine as of right now is choosing a major. Shweta initially chose biology as her major, but ended up majoring in economics and went to business school. She found out that she loves selling products and fix business problems. As for myself, I am still in the process of deciding what major I want to choose. An advice from Shweta that I found very wise was to not be afraid of trial and error. This means that I must explore different majors and eventually pick one. On the other hand, if I decided that a certain major does not work for me, I will have to keep searching until I find something that is right for me. Additionally, Shweta has said that something that has set her up for success were internships and start up positions. Another advice that she gave me was if I want to do something that has to do with business, I should look into working for a small as well as a big company. She believes that both options would give me a sense of what I like. This was what led her to change her job. While in college, Shweta has interned for the CEO of a business company. She did not mind that it was an unpaid internship. She was more interested in gaining the experience. Shweta also recommends that I become involved with clubs and get to know my peers and professors. In the long run, I may never know when I could ask them for a recommendation for a job. This really inspired me to want to seek for internships. I have attended events like the career fairs to find a place where I can start