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1Introduction 2

1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose

ISE (Information Solution Enterprises) proposes the full implementation of our online statistical reporting system, Automated Solutions, at Coppin State University. Automated Solutions is targeted at fully automating the implementation of course evaluation processes throughout a higher academic institute.

The cornerstone of every action we take is the promise we make, and the promise that we make to you today is our commitment to be morally bound to your project’s success; we also commit to working with you beyond your short term goals and expectations as a long term partner that seeks a win-win relationship which benefits all.

We look forward to the opportunity of becoming your partner in moving your course evaluation process online, making it essential to your mission of continuous measurement and improvement of the quality of education at the Coppin State University.

1.2 Corporate Background

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, ISE has built an impressive client base -quickly. Since opening our doors in 2003 as a privately-held company, we’ve earned a leadership role as a global Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) System solution provider counting organizations like the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Connecticut, the University of Louisville, Boston College and the City University of Alabama among our many satisfied clients. At the heart of most rapid success stories are value-driven products and services. The growth of ISE reflects that. Seeing a need in the EFM marketplace for convergence amongst various IT systems within many organizations, ISE set out to create a system that would reach across an entire organization to facilitate the process of information dissemination, gathering, analysis, and reporting.

The result was Automated Solutions - currently supporting 3 million global users.
Today, the Automated Solutions suite of products provides companies, educators, government, and non-profit organizations with Web-enabled software for all their enterprise-class feedback management processes allowing them to fully automate:

Web-based surveys
Online course evaluations
360 degree feedback reviews
Performance appraisals
Other feedback management processes

1.3 Corporate Philosophy

Today's organizations flourish because of their human assets. They are the driving force behind every institution. We understand that very well at ISE, which is why we focus fundamentally on every person we hire and develop.

Every action at ISE is guided and motivated by the following core values:

Personal and organizational integrity: our actions are consistently based on decisions of sound moral value; at ISE, we do as we say!

Excellence: we do not confine ourselves to the beaten tracks; we are not satisfied to do things just as others do them, but always a little better.

Accountability and responsibility: Everyone at ISE takes total responsibility and accountability for their actions as a mean for continuous improvement and development

Adding value to company stakeholders: every decision is weighed for its impact to all stakeholders, including customers, partners, shareholders, debt holders, management, employees, directors, and benefactors

Teamwork and total participation: our environment fosters creativity and talent while encouraging teamwork

Complementing the exceptional culture at ISE is Automated Solutions, state of the art and proven technology that is built and developed solely with listening in mind.

2 Proposed Solution

2.1 About Automated Solutions

A common characteristic of the successful organization is the understanding that opinions matter, and that listening to what constituents and stakeholders say can have a tremendous impact on its ability to thrive. Automated Solutions is a native Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) software that provides a complete set of automated