The Concept Of A Bidal Business

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Samantha Stewart
November 18, 2014
Business management assignment 9

If an angel investor came to me wanting to fund a business were Friendly’s used to be in the mall, I would open a bridal store, since around the area of Toms River the only place with wedding dresses is across the street at Park Avenue. There is no store just for brides in the ocean county mall and there are a lot of stores with bridal items and wedding accessories examples are Macys with bridal registry items, and obviously jewelry stores with engagement and wedding bands. It is convenient the location, because everyone knows where the mall is, so it is not complicated to get to. Also because of the marketing the mall provides will give good sales, and also because there are no other bridal stores in the mall. Brides always want to find new stores with new products and around ocean county not many new bridal stores have opened up recently in the past few years. I would probably go with a sole proprietorship for my bridal business because it’s all about sales, if you don’t do good sales a certain month and you’re in a partnership, or corporation you still have to pay more people than yourself, because the bridal business is designed to go by appointment you can limit the amount of employees you have because of this way of doing business. I would not franchise my business because like the show “ say yes to the dress” the whole concept of a bridal business becomes mainstream, you become more