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Business Directory:
Purpose: The purpose of Cadbury is to produce fine chocolates with unique taste and texture, which are not beyond the price range of the average person. It supplies goods (chocolate) for a profit.
Ownership: It's a PLC (Public Limited Company) which means they allow shareholders from the public to buy shares in the company and own part of the company.
Size: in 2008 there were 61,657 employees, the company operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and in 2008 their income was 5,384 million so in conclusion Cadbury is a big company.
Scale: global business because it sells chocolate all over the world.
Being a PLC helped them because shareholders put the money in the business so they could build a big global business.

Co operative
Purpose: the co-operative sells food, clothes, electrical, Banking Group Estates, Funeral care, Legal Services, Motor Group, Pharmacy and Travel. They want to make a profit.
Ownership: It is co-cooperatively run and owned by its members. It is the largest organization of this type in the world, with over 6 million members. The members jointly make decisions and share the profit.
Size: The Co-operative Group has over 123,000 employees across the UK; it has 4,800 stores and has an annual turnover of more than £13bn. This shows that it’s big in size.
Scale: the Co-operatives operate all over the UK. This means that it is a national business the thousands of members investing in the business has allowed them to become large and national.

Purpose: The purpose of Oxfam is to provide help to countries that are suffering from disaster and flood. Oxfam also helps poor people to give, shelter, food, cloth and median. It gives goods and services to poor African children; Oxfam does all of this things to people for free.
Ownership: charities are not owned, Trustees are appointed to make sure that money raised is spent correctly.
Size: large scale, as it’s global and has around 5955 workers.
Scale: global business because it operates all over the world. All the donations have meant that Oxfam has been able to expand.

Purpose: The purpose of NHS is to provide medical equipment and medicine to the public. They sell medicine below cost. This means they charge a portion of the price of medicine and the person pays for the rest. They sell some goods below cost such as lens, spectacles, etc. They also give healthcare for free.
Ownership: NHS is owned by the government and is run by the state. The money is made but is used as surplus which means the money is reinvested back into the NHS. The NHS (National Health Service) in the UK is a government organization and does not make a profit. It is funded by the tax payer.
Size: NHS only operates in the UK and Ireland and it has the third largest amount of employees in the world, which is 1.3 million this means the size is large.
Scale: NHS is national because it…