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Business Assignment
-This Article outlines the growth of discount supermarket Aldi, and its expansion to south and Western Australia. It also shows how Aldi has become a major Australian Supermarket, Using the related to the syllabus points, Business Growth and decline- Growth, Influences of business Environment-Competitive Situation and Types of businesses Classification of business- Industry. These points would help someone realise how Aldi have recently become as dominant as Woolworths and Coles in the Discount Supermarket industry.
-One Key syllabus point outlined in this article Influence in the business environment- Competitive Situation. In this Article Aldis competitive situation motivated their recent success.Aldi is not the leading business in their Industry gives them an extra incentive to become as successful as Woolworths and Coles .The Article says “While Aldi's expansion so far had come largely at the expense of independent retailers”, This quote makes it clear that Aldi will expand their business even if it is at the expense of smaller businesses
-The second syllabus point that is being discussed is Types of businesses Classification of business- Industry. and will go more in depth and explain how the industry has recently improved the growth and maturity of Aldi, Being one of the smallest of the discount supermarket giants,“Aldi is planning to open about 25 new stores a year on the east coast, representing space growth of more than 6 per cent”. Adding more stores it had succeeded in expanding their