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Finance - are responsible for the organisation of the finance, the managing of cash and planned spending. They have to make decisions such as the budget control for departments and what fees should be. For this they will need information such as the plan of purchase and the account for the business and what requirements will be for the following year.
For finance the strategic decisions they have to make include teacher pay, to make these decisions they would need the information of the price for teachers in general, they also need the number of students due next year and the teacher current salaries. This information would come from the government website. The advantages of this information is that drawing up the budget more conveniently and easily received because it base on the general prices and they do not need to think about another prices for teachers. However, the disadvantages of this information is that it may not be the actual amount teachers should get paid, and it is not exactly the money that the school should pay to the teachers. In conclusion, I think that the information used to make these decision is appropriate because that this information is important for the business to make some plan and use these to draw up the budget.
For R&D the strategic decisions they have to make include whether or not to expand student facilities, such as Muggles which is a place where provides the activities for students to have fun. To make these decisions they would