Business Case Study: Target's Business Model

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1. Target has positioned themselves in the discount store market by being able to create a client base that is solid, marketing that is positive, their red card business, and their designer product offerings which they have experienced sustainable growth.
2. They concentrate on separating itself and being different from other retailer as an easy place to shop. Target is a unique and persuasive retail location that makes it a successful low-cost retailer. Their mission statement depicts its objective as having clean stores, energetic customer service, large stock inventory, and expedient checkout lanes.
3. Their ability of presenting their brand to the middle-class as this allows them to attract shoppers that find traditional discount stores like Walmart to be an undesirable place to shop. They are an established and well recognized brand name that is highly respected by the consumer.
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Target has different areas that are in need of development. They include pricing strategies, strategic operations, advertising to their customers and their future investments.
2. They do not operate on a global scale and they do not have presence in several different markets and countries around the world. Most of their competitors have global presence that generates revenues and profits that they could get their hands on if they operated internationally.
3. They are not as big or as diversified as other retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon. This makes them defenseless to economic plunges and any changes in shopping patterns. They do not have a competitive advantage because of their higher prices than its industry