Business: Change Management and Maersk Line Essay

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Change in management is a need for business organizations to remain competitive in the business. Change in the society, internal and external environment makes a business organization adapt to the demand of the society at that time. Managers review the socioeconomic condition, cultural change, customer demand and adapt to the new environment by bringing change to the organizational culture to meet the demand of its customers. It requires planning on how the change can be implemented as people usually do not like to come out of their comfort zone. That is why senior managers analyse the need of the organization, plan for the change, introduce the change slowly and monitor the progress to institutionalize the change in the management of the business organization for a sustainable business growth.

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Business organizations go through stages of stress and uncertainty as our society is ever changing in terms of socioeconomic condition, ethics, awareness, technological advancement et cetera. Organizations are therefore required to respond to the changed demand of its customers. The response of the organization may be in the form of adapting to the advanced technological advancement, improving employee work skills through training for better customer service, or may be by changing business practices to comply with evolving ethical business practices (Bartol et. al. 2011). Enterprises need to regularly review their business practices and management behaviour to stay tuned to the changed business environment. In other words, for a sustainable business organizations need to review its internal and external environment regularly and take necessary actions to adapt its culture with the changed environment.

Company Profile
A.P. Moller – Maersk Group is a successful company in the world. The company continuously works for improvement in its service to customer and is a responsible corporate citizen. In this paper, a small area of ship management practice of ‘Maersk line’ has been discussed where some productive change can be made for a more cost effective ship operation. Maersk is a multinational company with its interest in various sectors of shipping. A.P. Moller – Maersk Group owns and operates container vessels, oil and chemical tankers, anchor handling vessels, drilling vessels including some sophisticated ship terminals worldwide. The Maersk Line fleet comprises more than 600 vessels and a large number of containers corresponding to more than 3,800,000 Twenty foot Equivalent Unit (TEU). In the container-shipping sector, it is the largest company in the world. ‘Maersk Line’ is the global containerized division of the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group (Maersk line website, n.d.). For ease of operation, the company divided its operation into several sections and assigned one senior management officials to look after its interests on different sectors all around the world. The senior management officials and their responsibilities are outlined below with an organizational chart. The organizational chart has been obtained from the official board website.

Description of situation requiring change
Maersk Line is a very renowned as well as rich company in the world. Like any other company Maersk Line has room for improvement. I would point out to improve the competence of crew and to motivate them for more responsible use of ship’s stores. The Maersk line ships’ are provided with a lot of stores which in many cases are redundant. They remain in stores for long time and eventually are wasted. The cause of the problem is lack of proper knowledge of the ships crew.

This problem is easily identified once anybody visits the