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BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business
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Business Communications
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Task 1
a) For an organization of your choice investigate the different types of information they use where it originates from and what is its purpose.
Communication Methods:
Verbal communication- The purpose of verbal communication is to give instruction, ideas to people with lower level in n the business. An example of verbal communication is meetings, trainings, face to face etc. nearly all the time the information come from the superiors for the people with love level position on the business. The verbal communication is use to solve problems, complains, for training the new employers etc. This type of communication is internal because they are talking and they are using ‘it inside the business for training, meting and face to face such us costumer’s support
Example of verbal communication use in a business: * Meetings- verbal communication is used in meeting because are an easy way of expressing yourself. The purpose of meeting is to analyse the progress of the company, to find new ways of attracting people and make them aware of the new deals etc. Another motive way the verbal communication is used in meeting is for solving the problem such us competition or dealing with complains * Tanning- Business is using verbal communication when they are training their employers because is an easy way of doing and as well is cheap. The purpose of verbal communication used by companies such Tesco in training their employers is to prepare them for the standard that they need to be for working at the company and make them aware about thinks they have to do and what not to. * Face to face- One of the situations that this way of verbal communication is happening in the businesses like takes for example two members of staff are talking about some missing stock of just delivery check to make sure that everything is good and they have the correct number of products they’ve ask for. Another example of face to face communication used in business is costumers service such us costumers asking for help of guidance to find or know more about the product.
Written Communication- the purpose of written communication is to inform people, employers, suppliers about the their progress at work or about the stock that you just receive to let them know if is in good condition and if you receive the correct number that you expected. When Tesco is recruiting they are using written communication for example application for, of online application. Another example is when Tesco receive letters form their suppliers to ask if they receive the correct number of stock and if there are any problems whit the products. Examples of written communication * Letter- Tesco is using letters. For example they are sending letters for examples emails. They are sending emails or letter to their suppliers to tell them if they receive the correct stock or the correct number of product that they ask for. This type of communication is Internal because they are sending information from the business to external because they are sending information outside of business to their suppliers. * Contract- Is the legal document use by Tesco to be able to prove if something goes wrong whit deal and if they don’t have the correct number or the stock that they’ve asks for. So by having the contract you will be able to prove. Tesco is using the contract because is a good way to prove if your employers or suppliers don’t do what they need to and by having the contract you can make them do what is written on the contract This is an internal way of communication. * Marketing reports – Tesco is there to make people aware of the promotion and offers currently running in Tesco but also to make sure that Tesco us a company is prospering in the right way and this includes their stock validity in the market right amount of people and staff working for