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Developing trust is important in business relations. Words are not as important as context.
Developing Cultural sensitivity
· When acting as a sender, a manager must make it a point to know the receiver and to encode the message in a form that will most likely be understood as intended. This requires awareness of his or her own cultural baggage and how it affects the communication process
· Careful encoding
· In translating his or her intended meaning into symbols for cross cultural communication, the sender must use words, pictures, or gestures that are appropriate to the receiver’s frame of reference.
· Language translation is only part of the encoding process; the message also can be carried through nonverbal coomunication.
· Proxemics- deals with the influence of proximity and space on communication with both personal space and office lay out.
First and foremost, Elizabeth Moreno will need to research the French culture a little more. With certain level of cultural understanding, she would be able to establish a position of power by showing her abilities and technical knowledge. Exercising certain power would enable her to achieve complex issues, obtaining trust and accomplish her assignment.
It is important for Elizabeth to not do anything that may disrespect or belittle any of the management staff as her kinesic behavior can put her in this position. As per this case, French managers are suspicious of most technical communication and would rather “face-to-face meetings and on-site consultations”. Chances are they will be paying close attention to Elizabeth’s non-verbal language during her visit with them. For example, something as simple as posture can be misinterpreted. To Europeans, “a relaxed posture in business meetings may be taken as bad manners or the result in poor upbringing”. Americans such as Elizabeth wouldn’t think twice of a relaxed posture in a business meeting.
It would also be wise of Elizabeth to obtain an English/French translator. Even though the