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Business communications
Within college different types of information is used, this could be verbal, written ,onscreen ,multimedia or web based each piece of information can be formatted differently depending on the importance or how quickly the information needs to get to someone.
Verbal/face to face information such as a college interview with a tutor when the course is discussed and the good and bad points, the information originates from an internal source, such as the tutor or team leader who knows all about the course and has the reliable information, it also comes from research about the specific course e.g. the grades required, how long the course is, what sectors will be learnt and so on.
Written information such as an Email could be used if the tutor needs to get work to a student quickly, the source of the information comes straight from the tutor who has set the work, it will be reliable information, and always accessible for the student to view as it will be saved as an email, written communication is a good way to pass information onto someone, as you can get it straight to the person it needs to go to, quickly and explain everything you need to and the evidence will always be there to refer back too.
Onscreen information, there are TV’s in the college canteen which show information to the students about what’s going on in and out of college, this information comes from research about the college, activities going on outside of the college and the news which shows important information from around the world, the source is external as the information comes from the news and other outside sources, some of the information is commercially provided, like the advertisements around college, and the news channel which is broadcasted.
Multimedia information such