Business Communication Assignment

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Business Communication Assignment 1

Name: Dinesh Bajaj
Student Number: 300824598
Course: Global Business Management Certificate Program
Subject Code: BUSN 732 (SEC 106)
Date: 1-02-2015
Instructor: Lillian Mark


1. Craft beer is a beer made from the best ingredients not using preservatives. Strange chemicals are used without pasturing or filtering the beer. Tastes, various varieties of brands to choose among people for the craft beer which differentiate it from the brand name beer.

2. Craft brewers face difficulties in selling beer at the store because they are forced to pay high fees for competitive market. Some of the craft brewers hesitate to enter the just for the sake of mutual trust and trail procedures and monopoly of beer store.

3. In Ontario, many of British Columbia’s laws is now ready to be developed and modernize. Changes has been made which includes availability of liquor at grocery stores an also at restaurants and bars. It has shown a great impact on the industry as the sales of craft beer has now a large growing share in market.

4. Yes there is has been demand for craft beer in Ontario. Craft beer is more in demand nowadays, sales revenue have increased to 60% during six years which was quiet less in traditional days .

5. Yes, the video is propagandistic as according to Ontario’s rule for beer stores states that they are completely responsible for their service to the customer who includes minors are not allowed to buy alcohol, people who are 25 or younger must have a valid ID to buy alcohol. Proper training and sales practices must be given to employees before selling alcohol to minors. Managers must take full responsibility of the stores and its employees.


To: Yoshi Watanabe
From: Dinesh Bajaj
Date: February 1, 2015 Subject: Beer sampling in Toronto
Dear Yoshi,
Glad to know that you are visiting my town and I can be of good help as I myself have allot of interest in beer .being a beer connoisseur you will be glad to know that we have all the international brands available here moreover the craft beer in this city also has a huge variety.
Firstly I would like to tell you about the craft beers in Toronto as they are growing very rapidly, here is the list of some of the breweries in Toronto:
1. 3 Brewers- located in heart of Toronto features great seasonal beers and best quality of beers.
2. Amsterdam crew berry-located at harbour front.
3. Bellwood’s brewery located at Essington Avenue.
Now i would like to tell you about the other big name brands which are available here in Toronto. Being one of the greatest cities in the world we have a huge collection of international brands such as corona, Heineken, bud lite etc.but the major 3 brands which have taken control over the market here are molson-coors, Labatt and sleeman .all these international and domestic beers are available at the local beer stores in Toronto and you can easily purchase them.
I hope you enjoy your trip here in