Business Communication Course

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Lucille Purry
1229 Lost Road, Charleston, SC 29414
Phone 843-555-1246 April 28, 2013
Re: Business Communications Course

Victoria Boyd
700 Mall Boulevard,
Savannah, GA, 31046

For the attention of Business Communication Professor

Dear Ms. Boyd

Business Communications Course Participation

I am currently enrolled in your Business Communications | BUS2023 S01 course as a part of my ongoing education and pursuit of a BA degree in Health care management. By taking this course, I want to have better business communication skills and gain a better understanding of how these skills will enhance my future career. Communication is a vital skill in all businesses and the more knowledge and understanding of how these skills work will make me a better professional. I will be able to communicate information to my colleagues, upper management and even give presentations to the board. By knowing proper and professional verbal and nonverbal communication is business, I will not miscommunicate or offend anyone I may come in contact with. Take the skills I learn to communicate with all genders, cultures and ages. With the completion of this course and receiving my degree, I plan to work in a Nursing home in an administrative or management capacity.

I look forward to learning valuable skills and all parts of communicating in the business world over the next five weeks. Greatly appreciate all your informative feedback and tips.

For further information or questions, please contact me at 843-555-1246.



To: Mark Smith
From: Lucille Purry
Date: April 28, 2013
Subject: Email – Miscommunications

Welcome to Palmetto Elderly Center and look forward to working with you and having a successful business relationship. Emails are a valuable means of communicating within the center and an essential part of your position as well as other duties. They will need to be received and delivered in a timely manner and communicate clearly on the topic discussed. Emails are not to be used for sensitive, confidential, or lengthy documents. Using the following guidelines will enable proper communication throughout the center:
Provide a subject line
Provide your contact information
Be clear and direct
Be professional
Include response deadlines if needed

Look forward to your input and business knowledge to help make Palmetto Elderly Center a