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Assignment 4- MODULE 5 &6
Business Communications X109

As a newly hired Marketing Analyst for Research in Motion, when doing the first presentation, it definitely will case some nervousness. For me, I will get some solution in order to release my nervousness. I can get to know my audience before starting my presentation. By this way, I can speak directly to the group of people I will give presentation to and help me feel less nervous about who will be watching me as I am making presentation. Second, which I think is the most important thing is the preparation of the topics. I need to get to know my topic as well as possible. I will research more thank I think I should do which the database will build my confidence in the topic. Third, I will also use some visual aids and test them in advance to make sure that it is no problem and the presentation will go smooth. And I may not add new material just some minutes before staring the presentation because if I am not familiar with the document and material, I will be nervous. During the presentation, it is important to maintain eye contact with the audience because we can get the feedback of my presentation from the audience. If the audience is confused, I may pause my presentation and asked them about the confusing part they considered my presentation. Sometimes, the audience is not interested in what I am talking about. Therefore, I need to show my enthusiasm. Only when I am excited about my own topic, can I influence my audience to feel what I have talked. Moreover, I shall add some body language, some facial expression and different tone of voice to attract my audience and let them to feel interested about it. In the final step of the presentation, I will summarize my main points which will make my audiences easy to follow and catch main idea of my presentation. Also, I will leave some time for the audience to ask question about the presentation and the issue they concerned. While putting together my presentation, I decide to use visual aids to demonstrate key points of data like Net sales over the past year have increase. I will use graph to present it because it is the most effective way to let the audience to see the change of the number of net sales. The audience can get the information directly from the graph with the data and the trend of the net sales. To ensure the audience feels that I am connecting with them, I will maintain the eye contract with them during the presentation which is the base thing I should do. Instead of one-way delivering the presentation, I will let the audience to participant in the presentation by making some related question, experience sharing and some small game related to the topic in order to make the presentation vividly and attract more attention. In addition, when some audience has some specific question, I should not skip it but instead should answer it during the presentation. Example of an chronological resume:
XXX, Inc. 2013- Present
Marketing Analyst

Marketing presentation to all members of Canadian Head Office ( approx. 4000 people)
Developed an effective marketing campaign and restructured product pricing/discounts resulting in an 80% bid acceptance rate.
Implemented new bidding process utilizing Excel spreadsheets to formulate more accurate bids. Allowed for the tracking of individual job costs and provided feedback as to efficiency of crews with regards to material waste and labor hours.
Trained and supervised work crews in more efficient product installation techniques that have reduced material waste by 20% and labor hours by 43%.
Developed sales team’s knowledge in the areas of building science and energy conservation in order to provide customers with the information to successfully plan for and utilize spray foam insulation.
United States Rescue Officer, 1995-2006
Manager, (2004- 2006)
Data Network Manager - Managed command and control data network used to generate video representation of