Business Communication Report

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Introduction to Business Communications Report:

Paragraph 1: Your Vision for the Company
What does it means to be a ‘’good ‘’Communicator?
A good communicator is an individual that can listen, organized, clarity, a being sincere. Understanding their communication style, because understanding your communication style is the key to being a great communicator whether it is being aggressive, passive, or passive aggressive. After knowing your communicating style you must be able to use your communicating skills in order to perform your job and make your company a success. And being a good communicator is being able to have the ability to be a great listener, and having the ability to comprehend written and spoken language, also
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I will boost morale and give my employees a sense of direction or support regarding their futures?
By providing them with professionally coaching so that they will be permanently boost and profitability is assured, and motivating my employees by asking them for their ideas on motivational practices, rewards,, by showing them my appreciation for a job went is well done, and by Preparing a new company mission statement so that all my employees can feel like they are a part of the company success.
How will you reorganize the method in which employees interact and collaborate with one another? I think by having the employees to understand their position and communication with others so there won’t be any confusing in the work place, when you are communicating effective there won’t be any confusion in the workplace?
What tone should the company adopt with employees?
An ethical tone in the workplace because in business you have to set the right tone for your employees/ employer’s.
What new policies can you instigate to open up doors of communication?
The new policies I would instigate would be to listen to my