Business Communication: The Importance Of Intra-Organizational Communication

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Why the email is failing
While emails are still being used, the adoption of others methods such as video conferencing or the social networks have been on the rise. Basically, modern communication involves the developments and maintenance of virtual offices where individuals can work from convenient destinations (such as homes) and still contributes to the productivity and development of their organisations (Hastings & Payne, 2013). Thus, the modern communications have been able to facilitate communication such as teleworking refers to the working systems in an environment where the employer and the various employees are located in distant places. The main of teleworking is to virtually transform inputs into goods and services. In a virtual
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One of the advantages of business intelligence that has been cited in this study is aiding in making decisions. With the increase competition in the business world, organisations have been quick to come up with new ways of beating competition and developing their competitive niches. To succeed in doing this, however, the organisations must be able to have an effective business intelligence system and make informed decisions based on the findings. Businesses have a huge amounts of data to deal with, most of which must be taken into consideration at the point of decisions making (Bohórquez Arévalo & Espinosa, 2005). Modern business communication system provides organisations with a faster and better way of collecting, storing and analyzing data. This means these systems simplifies the process of decisions making and allows organisations to act quick. Similarly, because most systems for business communications leave tracks behind, the trends in a particular factor can easily be monitored and acted upon accordingly. This means even managers with moderate skills about business intelligence can use them to defend their decisions. Most importantly, business intelligence systems are some of the most reliable sources of information that organisations have today. In the past, organisations had to rely on the ability …show more content…
While the uses of emails in the organisations is not going to end any time soon, their relevance from a business perspective is slowly being eroded by the emergence of new and efficient communication and interaction tools. One of the major reasons why the popularity of emails has been dwindling is the fact that it limits the flow of information. This means organisations should not restrict the direction in what the communications moves so long as the communications is able to reach the intended recipient. In this regard, communications can be upwards, downwards and across the organisation. This kind of organisational communication has been proffered because it results into increased motivation within the employees and facilitates the developments of a community rather than a group of workers. In fact, as the world trend advances towards the improvement of telecommunication connectivity extra intra- organisation electronic links are put in place in the organisation. Further improvements have been made possible by the introduction of new technology of computer aided communication means. For instance, electronic mailing services in the interdepartmental sections within the organisation utilize the new innovation products to handling effectively their labour segments. Additionally, modern research reviles that in the 22nd century electronic mail services are not going to be