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Business Communication Trends
Carla Wilson
February 24, 2013
Robin Minard

Business Communication Trends
Communication skills are of the utmost importance for a business to be productive. Managing daily work activities would not take place if a business was ineffective in their communications skills. Written and verbal communication skills play a role in business communication, and have an impact on how employees communicate and interact with internal and external partners. Technology is always changing, and so will trends in communication in a workplace. The ability to communicate effectively can allow increased work satisfaction as well as maintain and grow a profitable organization.
Business communication plays an enormous role in the day-to-day activities at the workplace. When there is ineffective communication between co-workers then there is ineffective production. When you use effective communication your day goes much smoother, more is accomplished, and the company has no loss in revenue. Best practices is learning how to listen and demonstrating written and verbal communication skills. Written and verbal communication skills plays a big part in communication, and for the employees or customers to understand the direction and guidance of a supervisor, it is important that they make verbal and written instructions clear to them. Another fundamental technique that plays a giant part is “active listening” that contains four components, which are clarifying, paraphrasing, reflecting feelings, and summarizing are ways to enhance