Business Communication Trends Essay

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Business Communication Trends
Luis D. Maymí Romero
University of Phoenix
Prof. Richard Valdes Gonzalez
April 27, 2015
Business Communication Trends Previously, communicating in an effective, yet proper manner was about sending memos, writing business letters and so on. With technological changes, contemporary business communication is much more than that. Being able to communicate effectively is a valuable trait that can help your business career flourish. In my line of work we have to be on top of all business communications. My clients consider that top-notch communication skills to be advantageous to their companies, so both you and your client can benefit from your ability to communicate well. It's well worth the effort to refine your communication skills, because communication is a necessity in nearly all areas of the business world. Running different firms and a personal basis I have to be constantly communicating with clients or partners. The most only used way to communicate any business associated information is through e-mail, this being the fastest way to communicate a large or small file to your clients. This method that has grown in this fast track world. Emails is replacing all paper memos, minutes of meetings and all other official communication, it is essential that the senders know how to follow the trends and adhere to principles at the same time. According to Scot Ober, in Email communication. Previews from sending any information you should always verify the format and content this should be carefully examined before hitting the send button. As mentioned before in the office all the employees use either the e-mail or chat to communicate valuable information to their peers. Also we constantly use the teleconference or video conference. This allows us to have a group meeting without physically being at the place, the benefits of having a video conference is that it allows you to see the other person practically as being next to each other. Conflict resolution is one of the most important aspects of business communication. The person in charge in my firm it requires me to have good communication skills between my employees. This allows me to handle disagreements tactfully and smoothly, without adding turbulence or ripples to the situation. All conflict resolutions rely on good communication skills because if you miss communicate any information you will not resolve the situation in a timely manner. It is always preferable that not just the management but all the employees to take communications skills courses that will allow them to manage those communication