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In this assignment I am going to choose a product from a business and talk about the corporate communications that are used. The business that sells my product is Aveeno and my product is their daily moisturising lotion. This product has been marketed in a various amount of ways however I am going to look at 3 specific ones in detail, I will look at their poster, strap line and website and say what I do and don’t think about the corporate communication used and then say which communication was the best form and why.
I think that this poster is very eye catching, most people would usually associate ‘eye catching’ with bright colours however this poster uses natural colours which ties in with the ‘naturally beautiful.’ It is eye catching because they have used a very popular womanly figure to represent this product and Jennifer Aniston is aging very well and most woman would want to be or look like her so simply by having her in the poster instantly makes the poster eye catching. Not only do they have her on the poster but they also have the product and in bold bigger writing the words ‘What goes with everything? Beautiful skin.’ This statement is more likely to make woman buy the product because no matter how different people are they will all have beautiful skin, however it does kind of cut Jennifer Aniston out slightly and I don’t think it makes the poster look as attractive as it could be. However I think apart from the bunch of writing at the bottom the poster is quite simple and makes it easier to the eye I feel like they maybe don’t need all the writing because we can clearly see what the product is and what it does so personally I think that it would be better to the eye if it didn’t have the writing considering most people don’t tend to read the smaller writing although I understand that some people would like to know in more detail what the product is. The poster comes across in a very calm way due to the colours used and also their use of words.
Strap Line
Their strap line is ‘Naturally Beautiful Results’ I think that this is the perfect strapline for this product because nobody wants to end up looking fake, everyone would love to be naturally beautiful and not have to worry about make up etc. The strap line consists of three words which makes it short and quick and it also makes people remember it. The words they have chosen are 3 words that woman want to hear. ‘Naturally’ makes woman think that its natural ingredients and good for their skin and keeps it natural looking, ‘Beautiful’ is a word that everyone wants to be people want to look nice and appearance is a major thing to most people and women in particular. It has been written in a simple font so that it doesn’t look fancy it’s just simple and easy to read. I don’t