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Stephanie Boone
Phase 1
Individual Project
Presentation Outline

1. Organize the Presentation * Introduction: Proper planning and preparation can help eliminate the stress and nervousness that comes with going to a job interview. Here are some tips on how to make a job interview feel less like a job. * Body: * Take the time to get to know your employer so you can speak more intelligently about the company and in my opinion, the interview would go a lot quicker and smoother. * Always make it a point to learn about the job and its description. In desperate situations we fill out job apps online and we do not take time out to learn the tasks for any of the positions we apply for. It is important to learn the job description so that you don’t waste time interviewing for a job that you aren’t going to want. * It is very important when going in for a job interview to dress for success. Choosing the clothes you wear to an interview can help the employer determine whether or not you, in their opinion, would be worth paying for a job. * Get plenty of rest before going in for an interview. Employers are not going to hire a person that looks tired and just plain unenthusiastic about the job they are applying for. Body language is also what helps employers choose you out the many other people that may have also applied for the position. * Interview your possible employer as well. From my experience of being interviewed myself, I have realized that there are employers out there that like it when the person the prospective employee asks questions. They want you to talk to then so that they may get a better feel of who you are as a person. * Conclusion: After hearing this presentation on how to basically survive a job interview, it should now be a lot easier on you as the person being interviewed to land that job of your dreams in the field of your choice.

2. Know the audience: * Research information about the responsibilities of a business manager.
The business manager’s responsibilities are to either supervise an entire company or a specific department. They are assigned the responsibilities involving the supervision and management of business and support service activities of an agency, institution or facility. These tasks include establishing and maintaining accounting procedures, fiscal reporting methods, procedures for payment of invoices and other related activities. The job also may include supervision of personnel, supply procurement and administrative services. Exact duties are different depending on the business manager’s title, company, field and industry. * What is the education requirement for a business manager?
Depending on the business a person trying to be a business manager has applied to, some businesses will hire a person with a high school diploma or equivalent along with the successful completion of some sort of concentrated secondary educational courses. For serious consideration for the position an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree may be required. * Why would the business manager care about communications?
Business managers have to use communication to delegate tasks to employees. They have to be able to clearly state what it is they want employees to do so that the tasks can get done