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Finding the Leader in You
Leadership and Organizational Behavior; BUS 520
January 21, 2014

Finding the Leader in You
Who am I? How do others see me? What are the traits and characteristics that make me who I am? These are the questions I will explore in this paper. Some of the answers, I will be certain of. Others, I’m anxious & nervous to find out. However, I’m hoping to achieve a better understanding of me and a greater appreciation of my strengths and weaknesses in the process.
Personality Characteristics and Assessment Profile
I would describe myself as a “people person”. I have a genuine interest in others. I value all relationships, personal and professional. I take pride in knowing others can depend on me to get the job done. I’m dependable and a hard worker. Whether it’s a task at work or a task for a friend, I always complete it to the best of my ability. I like structure and order. I operate well when I have a plan and I have taken my time to think things thru. My number one priority is my family. A lot of my decisions in my adult life have been made based on the future of my family. A lot of these characteristics fall under the Personality type model of ESFJ- the Caregiver. “ESFJ’s at their best are warm, sympathetic, helpful, cooperative, tactful, down-to-earth, practical, thorough, consistent, organized, enthusiastic, and energetic” (The Personality Type Portraits-The Personality Page, 2012).
Summary of Assessments
A Twenty –First-Century Manager1
My assessment score in this area was an “8”. There was a statement in this assessment that challenged me to have someone else rate me. So, I had my co-worker do it. Her score was even higher, a “10”. This was an area I have worked very hard in the last two years to develop. I’m constantly thinking of new ways to build and improve myself. How can I become more valuable to others?
IT” Leadership Style Assessment
Transformational leader: My Score was “27” in this area. My company has always incorporated a “vision of the future” philosophy. As one of the leading health industries, we have to always be one step ahead of others.
Transactional leader: My score here was “23” which coincides with my Transformational scores. It also speaks to my values of structure and a defined chain of command. “Transformational leaders believe that their followers can do their best leading members of the group to feel inspired and empowered” (Riggio, 2009).
Intuitive Ability
My scores in this area of “6” suggest that I need development in this area. However, I disagree. While I feel that intuitive skills play an important role in management; I still feel that analytical skills are most effective.
Conflict Management Strategies
Research suggests on conflict management styles, people tend to use one or two of the five strategies more than others (Williams). I totally agree. My scores suggest that problem-solving leads to true conflict resolution.
Time Management Profile
My score in this area is middle average. However, based on the assessment I need to work on improving my time better. I need to start evaluating where my time goes and how to better manage it.
Organizational Design Preference
The assessment suggests I am more comfortable with a “mechanistic” organization. I feel that there should be a sense of loyalty to employee and management.
Which Culture Fits You?
My scores in this area suggest I am comfortable in an “academy” culture. I think good management is very important in employee development and growth. I also believe that employees are more loyal if they