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Observation/Description Opinion/Analysis
1. Three Arabic men pecking each other turn by turn on both left and right cheeks in greeting. I personally thought it was a bit weird because it was amongst men. Very often to not you see men pecking each other except if they are homosexuals or from very deep cultural backgrounds. I assumed the latter. In Nigeria, men don’t peck each other because it would be considered rude and highly offensive, and could even lead to a brawl.
2. Two Arabic women with full Burqas on. Only eyes are visible. I felt that it was little odd and it would be hard to tell who is beneath the Burqa, if all that is visible are the eyes. It is also a little too conservative to me. I also assumed that it would be extremely hot in there especially being in Florida. Back home in Nigeria, women do not cover up as much (revealing only the eyes), but I would assume this is to maintain religious morality. I also see this as odd because I grew up in a Christian home and never had to wear a burqa.
3. A group of 5-7 American girls passing by exposing a lot of skin. Less conservative than other cultures. I thought it was inappropriate to wear such revealing clothes because growing up; the woman’s body was to be more of covered than exposed. In Nigeria, a female cannot wear shorts that expose so much legs or tops that reveal a lot of the torso without being severely reprimanded even by strangers.
4. A couple of Hispanics kiss, hug and are very affectionate even towards strangers. What I think of the Hispanic affections is that it was a bit surprising for one to just introduce themself for the first time, and be given a kiss and a hug from a total stranger. I feel this way because people aren’t as affectionate in in Nigeria unless it is their direct nuclear family.
5. During lunch time in the ELS, when everyone came out and were socializing or discussing, Middle Eastern males and females were separated into different single sex groups. They barely socialized or talked to the other sex. I thought it was awkward for males and females of the same culture,