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Axis company is the researching market company and in order to have the over view of market, it is necessary to collect the information of companies and customers to make decision. On making decision process, statistic is very important step because from ungroup information, statistic will present the meaning of information and help a manager understand clearly about customers and market.
Firstly, this report will describe about the customer satisfaction of Pico electronic market. There are five Pico electronic markets and each Pico has particular type of customer, type of demand of customer. The Pico topic is researched by own group. We collect information from primary data and secondary data.
The rest of this report is made by individual, about the payment method of Consolidation Foods supermarket. The data of this table is grouped and explained carefully to have preliminary insights about the trend of payments of customers and give some suggestions for the manager of Consolidation Foods supermarket.

Task 1. Customer satisfaction of Pico electronic market.
1a. The customer satisfaction of Pico electronic market. Pico electronic market has many products from many famous brands in electronic areas, like: Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung…It means that the number of customers of Pico is very large, with a lot of demands so that, it is very difficult to satisfy all types of customer. Our research finds out the level of satisfaction of customers with Pico electronic market so it is necessary to ask customers about how do they feel when buying in Pico and what is the best or the worst thing in Pico.
Firstly, we use Secondary research which means that other people have gathered through primary research before. The Secondary research can orient our project because some advantages like providing a background to primary research, and save cost…but sometime the information is not really relevant and may be biased, changed by author. In this situation, we use the information from some famous and prestige magazine, newspapers and websites such as: Giadinh, Dautu,,,…Besides, we also find some annual reports and publish information of Pico electronic market. In all sources, we have to choose the relevant information about the feedback of customers in some problems: the staff, the quality of product, the delivery, the customer care…Nowadays, the customers are very intelligent and powerful in consuming and if there is a bad service or store they meet, they will inform to other customers to ignore this store. We also find some complains of customers on the Internet, for example, the series of feedbacks of customers on about the service of Pico electronic market about the discount in gold day or the service after sales…The feedbacks of customer of every area are available on forums, websites on the Internet or newspapers, including compliments and complain, and these are the orientation for our group when using Primary research.
Secondary, we have to use Primary research to find out the main topic of our process by observation and face-to-face questionnaires. Observation requires us to spend a lot of time to observe overall of what are factors which influence to customer satisfaction, from the parking, the location, the way to allocate items to the clean of market. These criterions are recorded and analysed by researchers on 7 days, especially on Discount Day. Furthermore, we also ask Pico’s customers face-to-face questionnaires in both quantitative and qualitative question and observe them at this time. The series of quantitative questions are prepared options and customer have just selected. It is easy and takes short time for us but sometimes, this research is bias because of wrong and lye information of customers. Even qualitative research takes a lot of time and require customer to think a litter bit so the result from