Business Degree Research Paper

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Several individuals claim once a business major graduates from higher education all they have to show for it is debt. Although, that may be true for some, there is an even greater number of business students that succeed. Also, having a business degree allows the development of skills that could be useful in multiple career fields. There are countless ways to ensure success for an entrepreneur such as having prior experience, networking and creating a plan. For business majors who are interested in starting their own business, or even those who would like to be management of an establishment, it is always best to have prior work experience. Having work experience in the field an individual has a desire to manage raises the chances …show more content…
An individual with a business degree may not succeed due to the absence of a plan. Some business majors get caught up in the destination instead of the journey getting there. A large part of a plan for a business is creating a budget, this includes meeting with investors and knowing exactly how much money will be needed. Another part of having a plan is knowing the goal and target. A business owner must plan out exactly who they want to target, such as age groups or genders, as well as what exactly their goal is in the long run. Knowing the target of the merchandise is a tremendous help for a marketing plan. Once a target is decided knowing the timing and location of promotion is essential to success. If a business is targeting a younger audience, it would be logical to advertise on a platform such as television, the internet and social media. Timing is important as well, it wouldn’t be beneficial to advertise at a time when the majority of the target audience is normally elsewhere, such as school. Currently, I’m working with actress Juliet Landau to promote her vampire documentary, A Place Among the Undead. When promoting on social media, we post primarily in the morning and evening since the documentary is targeted towards older individuals. Furthermore, by advertising A Place Among the Undead at these times our target audience may be on the internet or viewing social media before beginning their busy day or relaxing after work. Although, having a plan is crucial to starting a business, a businessperson must always be willing to change their plan. There will be times when a certain aspect of a plan doesn’t work out, it is important to configure a new plan to safeguard the