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Business Description
Type of business
Determing which category of business our company belong to,we should consider a wide range of aspects.
According to different forms of business organizations , our company belongs to the cooperative enterprise. Our company is owned equally by most of members who have a common goal , relationship and achieve a economic purpose jointly. We refers to Marketing, Financial and Service cooperatives.
Depending on different corporate legal properties, our company belongs to a private corporation. However, our company incorporate ourselves under provincial corporation.Therefore,we will be allowed to secure limited resources and ensure the liabilities and benefits of their members.According to different industries we specialize in , Our company mainly concentrates on shoes industry.Moreover, in order to satisfy the market demands, we also develop industrial chains. Apart from some footwears, we also exploit some industrial chains,such as sportswear,kneecap,sportscap.

ownership structure of privated corporation
Our company is owned by shareholders whose liability is connected to their investments. Shareholders usually donnot play a direct role in managing the company’s operation..They also assign oriented task to their appointed workers to control the whole company.

description of products and services
Our mainly business organizations and activities are with respect to sports goods and services.Primarily,Our products are mainly characterized as footwears,special sports shoes and casual sneakers.Concerning the outlook of our products,we are commited to integrate innovative ideas and elements from daily life into the design of shoes, making our products in line with the fashion trend with connotation and energy as well.With regarding to the texture, we strive to explode new meterials and excavate technology, making our products more competitive and novel. People