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Anthony Q. Holmes Jr.
Critical Reading

The Editor
The New York Times
620 8th Ave.
New York, New York 10018

Subject: Higher Education in Contemporary Society: Dear Editor, my name is Anthony Holmes and I am writing this because I want to share with you my opinion on the topic of discussion about higher education. Education in the world is very important as it defines the world and our future. To discuss education and the lack thereof would be discussion the turmoil of our future. This is why I have come to a disagreement with your belief that people aren’t capable of making their own decisions.
I would have to agree with Browne’s column as to the importance of higher education and that it should be the student’s preference what to invest in. With Fish’s dis-belief in the judgment of the students to make smart choices shows his dis-belief in the future. I believe students should have the choice to make their own investments and be trusted to make smart decisions of their own. I do agree with the governing of the type of courses being offered to fulfill the educational requirements of what the world workforce needs. This will prepare students for what’s ahead. By the fields of study being chosen it gives the students the option to learn more of what they want to invest in. I disagree with Fish’s nonbelief in the students to make smart choices on their own, because it takes away the option of creativity. It also takes away from the enthusiasm a person will have to seek an education and also do the job they seek. Without the passion or want to do something, a person will usually seem less involved in what it is he or she is actually