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Discuss whether or not Amazon has lost its identity by expanding into markets well beyond books. Amazon has not lost is identity but rather expanded their identity by enlarging their product base. This new business approach allows them to reach an audience that extends beyond books. They can capitalize on those same customers and at the same token appeal to others that are looking for more options at the best price. Many consumers may not be aware that Amazon offers merchandise beyond books, but making this option available on their website increases awareness to the consumer of just what they can receive by doing business with them and increase awareness to how far their business extends. This expansion allows them to become a more marketable company to their consumers and offer merchandise to those locally and globally. By taking this approach allows them to become more diverse in the market place, establish a stronger brand name, increase customer awareness and create a one stop-shopping site for most. Judging by their annual report, their approach to online shopping is a huge success and one thing that remains at their focus, it the needs of their customers.
Recommend what Amazon should do to protect its brand. Amazon can protect its brand by making sure they have a US patent and trademark and both are registered. They can advertise they will prosecute any individual or organization that violates their brand illegally. This should be a part of their website for all to view. I would suggest having the consumer to accept this agreement under the terms and conditions for making purchases or maybe just for viewing the website altogether. It would be a good idea to create a web page that lists the names and pictures of those companies and individuals who have violated’s E-Business Model 3 their brand. By publicizing the violators it should create a deterrent for future offenders. Amazon has worked extremely hard to build a successful business; they will have to work extra hard at protecting their brand. There are many struggling companies that will try to pass themselves off as but when they are simply replicas trying to do business as the real company leaving the consumers unaware.
Recommend what Barnes & Noble and Borders should do to recapture some of their online market share. First I would recommend both of these companies start by reviewing past failures. Past failures need to be address to prevent these same mistakes in the future. Then secondly, I would suggest doing a survey from their existing customers. This can be done via the website or in stores. The results of the survey would allow the executives to hear first hand the needs and concerns directly from their customers. No matter what the tope executives feel is important; the consumer is the one doing the purchasing. By listening to their suggestions, may spark new areas of interest, generate new ideas that could be cutting edge; create new ideas that would be different from their competitor; ideas that were never thought of before. Since Amazon has pretty much cornered the market for online shopping, these two businesses could offer deeper discounts on shipping cost, discounted shopping hours or offer deals of the day that would spark consumers’ interest and create a passion to visit their website more frequent. Unless these companies are willing to explore new territories it’s only a matter of time before they expire.
At one time Dell sold computers exclusively online, now the same computers are available in retail stores (Wal-Mart for example). Discuss whether or not you foresee Amazon expanding its channel of distribution to include retail locations.’s E-Business Model 4
Yes I could foresee Amazon expanding to retail locations in the future. This merger would open up endless possibilities to doing business and develop a wider range or