Business Entrepreneurs Essay

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Business Entrepreneurs
Although social entrepreneurs can impact and influence a huge area of people, business entrepreneurs will improve life in the United States over the next decade more effectively. Business entrepreneurs will bring forth improvement to life because of the jobs they will create, the revenue that will be collected and the support of multiple charities at one time. Within the United States more help is needed with the business aspect of the country and will bring forth a lot more improvement than social entrepreneurs will in the next ten years.
An entrepreneur is by definition, a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. In the United States in order for more impact to be made a lot more needs to be fulfilled then just social entrepreneurs that bring forth change to us as people but not bringing hard copies of what their impact will be. Businesses bring forth a lot more and have a lot more to offer. They bring to us things that will be useful and more beneficial to us as the United States and how we could use it to our advantage.
Unemployment rates have increased immensely in the last five years, peaking at a high of 10.1 percent. This statistic shows that within the recent decade those who use to have jobs are now unemployed and have no revenue coming in to support themselves or families. Improvement within entrepreneurship can decrease unemployment of many families by increasing business entrepreneurs. Business entrepreneurship will have more of an impact due to more opportunities and help needed to boom the entrepreneurship, meaning more people will be needed for this change and unemployment rate could decrease. Also business entrepreneurs require more skill level training for the work and skill needed to be developed. More education will come from it and have a more lasting effect on due to the increase level of knowledge more people will require and be able to do the job. Lastly more work would be able to be accomplished due to the amount of people working towards the same goal. Especially living in an economy like ours that have had many of the same trends we need to plan for improvement from what we have seen in the past. We need to figure out from our mistakes and predict what will come forth to us next. Jobs is one of those things that we as the United States of America have lacked lately and following the trend that we have already seen we need to take action and realize that business entrepreneurs will impact our society a lot more the social entrepreneur will.
Business entrepreneurs will impact the United States not only for the jobs it will create but a lot the revenue that will be collected from it. Debt is a problem for every country in its own way. Within the United States debt has definitely become a problem, but by businesses excelling more revenue will be brought in and debt will decrease. Although social entrepreneurship could plant the idea into peoples head about what they want to do but the impact they will have isn’t nearly as important as the impact that business entrepreneurs bring forth. Also along with the revenue being collected there is more room for expansion and becoming more successful and wealthy. There will be more opportunity for expansion and also improvement within companies. Improvement will bring forth new ideas and find ways to better businesses leading to expansion and success with the business world. Business entrepreneurs will be more dominate in their impact because of the revenue brought in that will increase and the expansion of new businesses and idea within the United States in the next ten years. In the united states we like to do it big, everything is bigger here and that goes along with our businesses they will in