The Purpose Of Different Types Of Organisations

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Business Environment ( UNIT 1 )

P1 Identifying the purposes of different types of organisations.

Types of organisations :
-Private Company
-Charity Association
-Government / Public Sector Companies

PRIVATE COMPANY : Private limited company keeps its share into the family member or close friends. By doing so they remain in the control of the business and therefore, would not lose the management advantages and power to themselves. For example, T&C Electrical is a limited company and all key shareholders are family members and friends. This would ensure that their policy and strategy passes. The company offers commercial, institutional, and industrial services including construction, design/build, communications/data, and maintenance. CHARITY ASSOCIATION : For example , .[1] Pride 'n Purpose which is jointly funded by Virgin Limited Edition and Virgin Unite. Working on a non-profit basis, Pride 'n Purpose is Ulusaba's charitable arm committed to helping disadvantaged communities living adjacent to the Sabi Sand Reserve. Pride 'n Purpose's main focus is on sustainable development initiatives and improving access to food, water and health services. Committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged communities in the Ulusaba region of South Africa. COOPERATIVE :
The Co-operative Bank [2] purpose is to be a pioneering business delivering sustainable financial services for members and society. We put our members and