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Evaluation of the market research methods

In this assignment I will evaluate the market research methods used by a selected organisation. However within this task I will be comparing differences and similarities and the importance to different marketing methods. In addition towards the ending of this task I will also be giving recommendations on whether I think entrepreneurs should invest and open up this cafe and why they should.
The marketing research that I have used for the internet cafe was all very comparable and each form of method I used allowed me to gain different approaches and responses from different consumers. One of the methods that I used was Questionnaires. Questionnaires allow me to gain different forms of information due to the reason that they’re full of different answering techniques meaning that there are closed questions which allows the researches to gain basic information that does not need detailed answer but questionnaires allows consumers to respond to questions and give full details and an explanation of why they feel a certain way towards something or why they are for what they are answering too. Questionnaires are a great way of gaining different approaches of different people’s thoughts and opinions.
On the other hand as for the health club I had used the method of using a focus group. The reason why I choose focus groups as a form of market research for the health club was so that researchers could get an idea of what type of people would be interested in the organisation and why they would be interested. However focus groups are much more convenient because this way people are sharing their different thought and opinions on what they like, dislike and want. This is very beneficial because it gives researched informative information on what they could do to improve the quality of the products and services they offer consumers.
However the similarities of the two forms of research are that they are both primary forms of research, they both receive first hand information from people who share an interest in the upcoming projects. The difference is one form of research method is arguably more precise than the other, which is the focus group. This could be because people that volunteer to these focus groups are opting to contribute amongst their own will and simply because they are interested in the projects. Since they are opting to contribute defines that they are willing to give their honest opinions, thoughts and views on what they really think and why they think or believe things.
As for the questionnaires could be a little less reliable and this could be due to people only filling in these questionnaires because they could feel as if they had no choice meaning that they could only write down what the researchers want to know and find out which will not be very effective and useful to the business because in this case businesses could make the wrong decisions and make wrong targets aims and objectives due to peoples lack of honesty.
Focus groups are usually varies out by under 10 individuals in a group who come together and discuss about certain products or projects that could be located in their local area. There are many advantages of using a focus group as a form of research method and this is because focus groups could come up with suggestions which could help the business increase their production and totalise to increasing their profit margin. In addition to doing so they could also identify different requirements of different products and because they have the eyes of customers it makes it more convenient and easier for them to give them advice or their thoughts on product design, packaging, pricing strategies and messages which they portray.
For the reason that Focus groups are based on different peoples thoughts and views defines that conflict could arise and once people have disagreements, this could cause researchers not having a settled solution which means that