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The Business environment

The two types of business organisations I have decided to look in to and compare are The Co-operative and Cancer Research UK.
The Co-operative is a national company, well-known all over the country. It is known for its all different types of services it has to offer, from food and retail to funeral care and financial services. It’s within the private business with the private sector, as it’s owned by different members of society but is there for public use. Also within all primary, secondary and tertiary sectors as it grows, manufactures and sells all its products. It started in 1844 as little communities known as the ‘co-operatives’ growing and sharing food within the community. By 1900 there were a total of 1,439 of co-operative communities are set up. It was only till 1944 when the first shop open, from there it built up into what it is today. They have specialist retail and commercial businesses within the business itself. It’s within the private sector and provides all primary, secondary and tertiary. I believe it’s all three as the co-operative grow processes and sell most of their products, therefore producing the raw material, packing the raw material (manufacturing) and the providing the food for the public to buy. The Co-operative has many purposes; it provides a service to the public whether it’s a food, funeral or financial service.
The Co-operative group is owned by its members. All of the voting shares are owned by the members, who are individuals and other independent co-operative societies. The co-operative invites these stakeholders to share there comments and opinions on the progression of the business, and to help ensure the route the co-operative have chosen is the one they feel with help them progress to where they want to be. The members involve customers, employees or active members. They important to the company as they all use the co-operative in different ways therefore know the ins and out of the business, this will help the business on running and progressing. Its customers are its stakeholders too, they expect a high ethically source products from the co-operative and a reasonable price. These effects the type of product the company produces and sells. The customers can become members of the co-operative to receive more updates and have bigger contribution on how the company can grow. Another key stakeholder of the company would be the employees; the company provides them with a livelihood. Suppliers care stakeholders of the co-operative as the want steady orders and prompt payment on a regular basis. Making the suppliers feel valued by the company can help the company’s image. Trade unions and employer associations are stakeholders, the represent the interest of a company’s employees and the employers. Trade unions have the interest of the employees need and wants from a company, for example their wages and working conditions. Employers associations represent the interests of the employers in specific industries.

Cancer Research UK is a national charity, dedicated in saving peoples lives through research. Their aims; are to carry out