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Business environments and structure of business are extremely important. There are many steps to take into consideration while conducting business on all countries. Laws and regulations are applied for safety of both parties and for consumers taking home the products.

Business Environment and Issues

Laws and regulations are put into place for companies and organizations to create regulate the structure of how business is being conducted. Without such laws and regulations business monopoles have the possibility of forming. This will give protection to all parties when doing business ranging from international and national areas. When in business with international organizations companies must be aware of the laws and regulations set out by that country to minimize any legal repercussions. Consumers are also being protected under the laws. This will help ensure that consumers are actually buying the correct product that is being described and the proper weight of goods. Laws for protecting employees are in place to shield them form any workplace discrimination based upon race, age, religion, sex and any unfair termination. This company will ensure it follows all laws and keep in spec with regulations when business is being conducted.

The social environment of business pertains to recognizing family, religion, equal opportunity employment, education and health. The public never likes a major company bully that charges high prices and uses harmful products that affect nature and people. Being conscientious of the environment is essential for companies more then ever before. The people are turning to a more “green” side at a fast rate. Going green is the new thing to do and if you are not following the “green” there can be some repercussions form the public. Having a company that in tune with the public of the area is very beneficial for both parties. The business will strive to make prices as low as possible for the consumer. Showing an appreciation for the public goes a long way. The public surrounding this business are the people that keep the company running and alive. Companies must realize when it is hard on money and must adjust to maintain its profitability. This company must take into consideration the security or the company when dealing with social media. When dealing with Facebook and other social media sites you run the risk of security briefs within the company. There have been courses implemented for all staff members to realize these potential risks and how to approach the best problems solving techniques if any situation may arise.

The economy has a major influence on a company and how it will operate. In a healthy economy consumer will have more confidence in buying products versus an unhealthy economy. No matter the how the economic times are a smart successful businessman will always try to reach the maximum level with the minimum of cost. Economic changes set off ripple affects throughout the public and government agencies. When these changes occur all must properly adjust to ensure they can still be productive and successful. Legislative polices have the possibility to change and companies must still keep up with these changes to run a legal operation.

Having a strong management structure is needed in all companies. Managers have eyes in many places. They will keep track of finances, assets, and try to minimize loss prevention. Locating the risk factors and properly distinguishing them to minimize damage is a key function for management. Managers will plan for success and for the company to do its best to meet goals. They will assist in keeping employees satisfied and driven to reach goals. Showing employees areas that may need improvement while still giving them praise for the great job they are doing. Appreciation for all is valuable and goes a long way. A manager focusing on financial