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Business Environment

Oana Maria Ionescu

Task – 1

Organizations and their Purposes

Virgin Group LTD-
Virgin is one of the most respected and recognised brands in the world. It is private company that was conceived by Sir Richard Branson in 1970. The company is a leading investment group of the world. The virgin group has successful businesses in sectors of mobile telephony, financial services, holidays, music, leisure, travel and health and wellness. The motto for virgin is to combine skills, knowledge and operational expertise that are available from a range of industries to build successful and exciting companies. The company employs more than 50,000 people in 34 countries and has global branded revenues of £13billion in 2011 [1].
Tesco’s PLC-
Tesco is a public limited company that has more than 530,000 employees in 12 markets. They serve more than a million customers each week. The vision of the group is used to guide the direction and decisions that the organizations take. Tesco has outlets in more than 10 countries that serve customers. The company wants to be the best company for the customers they serve, the communities in which they operate as well as for the colleagues that help the business to be working efficiently. The company believes in 5 basic elements that need to be maintained. They are:
Modern, innovative and full of ideas
A growing business, full of opportunities
Wanted and needed around the world.
Winners locally whilst applying our skills globally
Inspiring, earning trust and loyalty from customers, our colleagues and communities [2].
MC Donalds-
It is a private sector company that is owned by individuals and shareholders. The company is one of the leading global foodservice that serves more than 69 million people daily in 118 countries having more than 34,000 restaurants. The company has more than 1.8 million employees. The company has 80% of its restaurants as franchised this shows that the company name is big and established companies in the world. The company’s mission is to be the favourite place for its customers while maintaining diversity and inclusion in the work culture [3].
National Health Services (NHS) UK-
The NHS provides services as form of trusts. The sector corporations are not trusts in legal sense but they are such in effect in public sector corporations. The different kinds of trust within the NHS are:
Commissioning trusts- They include NHS care trust and NHS primary care trust.
Commissioned trusts- They include NHS hospital trust, NHS mental health services trust and NHS ambulance services trust [4].
Corner Shop across the Street-
These types of shops require special permit. They buy stuff for cheap and sell them for the prices they want to. There are no regulations on the extent to which they can sell a product. This works in their favour as they can have bigger margins for an item when compared to a privately owned sector organization. These kinds of stores are generally in abundance in the bigger cities than compared to the smaller cities as they serve people from all parts of the world. The place where there is more population of the aliens is the place where they will be more of these stores present.
Objectives of the Stakeholders of at Tesco-
The main aim at Tesco’s is to take care about doing the right thing. All the stakeholders have their own passion that runs across the business and offers them an advantage over other companies. The stakeholders within the business are:
Local government
Employees/ Staff members: All the staff members are allowed to give feedback on the surveys and are also given question time. The company also provides a staff forum whose main purpose is to check the needs of their staff as well as how well they can look after their staff.
Suppliers: The core value of the organization is to treat people the way they like to be