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In the final week of the semester we discussed about parent/child relationship and illegitimacy. Then we also had really interesting article to read which was about this guy name Mike Rubino who was a sperm donor. He met his son Aaron and Raechel Mcghee by way of a sperm bank for six years and how they knew him has donor 929 and then for one week they became a family because the mother really wanted the children to meet their father. We discussed about legitimacy/illegitimacy which is a law defined child born to married couple as legitimate automatically receive all rights and benefits from the parents child relationship. Child born to unmarried parents equal to illegitimate we also covered a case on that Zeppeda v.Zeppeda, this case is about issue can an illegitimate child sue his biological status for causes the legal disability. Parent and child legal and biological relationship this discussed about changing area of Fl and Vas number of new issues remain to be resolved by the court and legislative.
We also discussed about child abuse medical decision making and education. This lecture talks about abuse, endangerment and neglect parents role raising kid can be withheld if action/ inaction if characterized as abusing endangering as abusing child hard to define abuse laws include physical (including sexual) abuse acts of cruelty causing serious emotional harm including medical care. We also discussed how government becomes involved by reporting laws for child abuse. We talked about raising children competing interests of parent child and state. There is a step to avoid child bearing involuntary decisions. Eugenics is positive create only the best and brightest income the numbers of outstanding people. Then there is negative prevent inferior breeders from breeding. We also discussed about abortion case on Roe v. Wade…